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WCC Portfolio Companies

Angaza Design

Angaza’s Pay-As-You-Go solution enables businesses to extend flexible solar payment plans to the billion individuals without access to grid electricity. Our platform allows manufacturers and distributors of off-grid energy products to expand their customer base and access data–driven market insights. Angaza’s partners can launch their Pay-As-You-Go program today without the investment of building and operating the necessary technology.

Aratana Therapeutics

Aratana means “new beginning” and it defines our mission of developing safe and effective therapeutics for unmet or underserved medical conditions in pets. Our goal is to provide veterinarians and pet owners with new therapeutics that are driven by science and specifically made for pets. We believe pets are family and they deserve the best quality care.

Bulu Box

Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a box curated with a new mix of 4-5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you. Of course, shipping is always free and you can cancel anytime.

Elias Animal Health

ELIAS Animal Health is elevating the hope of veterinarians and pet owners alike by changing the way cancer is fundamentally treated. Our approach is profoundly simple: Every canine patient is unique. Every cancer is unique. To ultimately win against this devastating killer, cancer therapy itself must also be unique. ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI™) harnesses the power of the dog’s own immune system to eliminate the cancer.


EyeVerify Inc. is the creator of Eyeprint ID™ . Eyeprint ID is a highly accurate biometric technology for smart devices that delivers a password-free mobile experience with convenient, secure, private authentication. This patented solution uses the existing cameras on mobile devices to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye and other micro features in and around the eye.

Hillary's Eat Well

Hilary’s is the creator of convenient and culinary foods that are made from real ingredients and are free from common allergens. We are helping to heal the American diet by bringing these foods to all people who seek tasty, nourishing cuisine. Our products forge innovative culinary paths and disrupt the status quo. We care about the health of our customers, employees and ecosystem.


Kenzen aims to silently follow your health, and notify you only when it's most important. Get unique insights and real-time updates you wouldn't expect outside a sports clinic. Make on-the-fly adjustments, play smarter and avoid injury. 


The Matrix™ Wand is a handheld 3-D Photogrammetry System, used for Automotive Estimating, Repair Planning, Structural Repairs, and Predictive Wheel alignment. All the measurement data can be retrieved, and re-measured for later use.


Our mission is to define workforce mobility in field workforce management and execution. Our team has created and built a solution to transform the execution process for field workers and the management process for leaders who would rather know instead of wonder. One by Movista, our proprietary app-based solution, is brining efficiency, accountability, and excellence to the field workforce management and execution processes.


The Portfolia platform lets entrepreneurs profile their companies to investors globally and streamlines the fundraising process. Portfolia welcomes innovative companies in the conceptual through growth stages, especially those where a national base of sophisticated and connected investors can impact success and build markets.


Rawxies provides the health conscious consumer with an all-natural product that is gluten-free and prepared at low temperatures to preserve optimal enzymatic qualities. Rawxies are a unique hybrid between a nutritional food bar and an indulgent dessert. The Company has been awarded 'Top 6 Vegan Products,' 'Best of Raw, Best Cookie,' and Dean & Deluca Top Pick.'

Salsa Labs

Since Salsa was founded in 2003, we’ve been driven by our passion to help nonprofits achieve their mission. As your cause partner, we strive to create tools that make it easier for social good organizations to engage communities, raise funds, rally supporters and make their voices heard.

Tomboy Exchange

TomboyX was founded the way many brands are, trying to fill a need that had gone unfilled for far too long. We asked ourselves, “How hard can it be to make good underwear?” And by that we meant underwear that fit regular bodies and fit how we saw ourselves. And underwear that any woman could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum.

The Women’s Capital Connection officially launched in January 2008 with 33 founding investors committed to investing in women-led ventures in our region.